Circular Awards

For Plastic Recyclers Show we made this awesome trophies for the second year in a row.
Each of them impresses with its unique marbled surface that we made from old bottle caps. The bottom part is 3d printed from our filament by Refil which is made from recycled car dashboards.

The Plastics Recycling Show is an exhibition and a conference designed specifically for plastics recycling professionals. It brings together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors to show the latest innovation from this exciting industry.

"It was a pleasure working with Better Future Factory on our Plastic Recycling Awards Europe trophies. I had searched high and low for a company with the right creative acumen and ability to design and produce a trophy made from 100% recycled plastic. The winners were presented with unique trophies which reflected their great achievement and the prestigious nature of the awards." Matthew Barber - Sales and Event Director


Plastics Recyclers Europe


Trophy made from car dashboards and bottle caps


Celebrate the best plastics recycling innovations with a trophy from fully recycled plastics


Handed out


2018 and 2019