Periscopista interactive mist cloud

The magical interactive installation Periscopista, a giant, misty cloud above the lake that can be controlled by the festival crowd through their own data, their video feeds, sound, and movement. This installation was build to show that data can be used to give you back something good. In a world that uses data to chase you down with ads on your social media. by designing a mist installation that is as curious about you as you are about her. When you look at the installation, she looks back. If you give her attention, she will flourish in psychedelica.

With Periscopista won the first ever Grand Prix run by fronteering Dutch festival, Down The Rabbit Hole, an award to encourage artists to push the possibilities of festival art installations.

Sustainable Festival Installation

Construction: We created a island that us sustainable for years to use and build with as many sustainable parts as possible. Recycled Boat steel, 3d printed With Refil Recycled Filament using elements from recycled old dashboards and PET bottles, pantons.