Pelican Rouge - Creating Value to Waste stream

In collaboration with the coffee roasters Pelican Rouge, packaging production company O.Kleiner and circulair economy consultants Cirkellab we turned Pelican Rouge’s coffee packaging waste stream into a functional and iconic product.

A coffee knock case is used by people with an espresso machine in which the grinded coffee residue (staying behind in the piston) is knocked off into the box.

The Good Knock is the first pilot outcome from our extensive research into the companies waste streams. With the current production process there is a yearly waste stream of 60 tons of plastic. What if we can transform this waste into a value coffee product? After a few experiments we found a way to create sheet material that could be vacuum formed into new iconic products. This is the first step in reducing the company’s CO2 footprint and minimizing their waste disposal costs. Circulair economy at its best.

These results are inspiring for the whole organisation and are really practical in its execution. The best pilot to give flight to multiple projects. Ignas Janssens, Pelican Rouge

This unique perspective on old supply chains fueled a whole new range of solutions that has unlocked new business models Jan-Willem Kanters van Cirkellab.


Pelican Rouge


Circle Lab

Launch date

Jan 2017

pelican rouge