Les Respectacles

Les Respectacles

Remember these? At some point Flippo’s (Pogs) were the most important thing in your life. You’ve spent hours and hours at home, at school with your friends. Screaming for a new bag of potato chips so you could add your new thropees to the yellow map. But where are they now; did you throw them away or are they somewhere in the attic of your parents place?

Better Future Factory’s project brings back memories in a new form that will make you care about your Flippo’s again! It will not only become something to look at again, but to look through as well ! Summer is coming, so give plastic a new look: ‘Les Respectacles by BFF’.

How it works

Whereas our other project ‘Perpetual Plastic Project (PPP)’ relies on 3D-printers to recycle plastic waste, ‘Les Respectables’ uses lasercutters. We can therefore create any possible sunglass design, on the spot, from pretty much any type of waste plastic. Washed and shredded plastic waste is melted down into plates. These plates are lasercut with high precision into a sunglasses-frame. Thereafter, the solar lenses are cut and placed into the frame and finally the hinges are positioned by applying heat.

The result: a one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses! Custom made from your precious plastic waste: ‘Les Respectacles by BFF’.

This summer you can get ‘Les Respectacles’ at your festival or event. It is an interactive installation by which visitors can turn their plastic waste into sunglasses, on the spot, with their own hands. Experienced staff will guide the visitors during the process, like we have been doing with PPP for years to ensure their safety. But also to inspire and educate about the possibilities of plastic waste. Get in contact with the BFF team for an inquiry and customisation options.


Sunglasses made from Flippo's


Cleaning attics, creating awesome sunglasses


Ready for the summer