CORONA - Recycled Bucket


We have developed a prototype from the iconic Corona Bucket made from recycled ocean plastic. Using found bottlecaps we turned this icon into a recycled one. The Logo is been made with 3d printing techniques that used old bottles as their main material.

The Recycled Bucket was inspiration for a part of the larger creative collaboration between the Parley AIR Strategy, together with Corona (global) they will bring change to the beverage industry and protect 100 islands by 2020, starting in six key regions – Mexico, Maldives, Australia, Chile, Italy, and Dominican Republic

“We needed to take a stand and protect the heart and soul of our brand. We will spread our love for the oceans and make people understand that we need to take care of it, inspiring people to change their own behaviors. Corona is present in more than 180 countries and we have the opportunity and the responsibility to use that reach to be a voice for the oceans.” Thiago Zanettini, Global Vice President of Corona.


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