Circular Award 2018

For NederlandCirculair! we designed the Circular Award 2018 from scratch. The client did not have any input and we decided to produce the new award from old awards found on second hand marketplaces. A woman who had participated in hundreds of dogs shows was happy to donate her old awards which were stored in a dark corner of the basement.

The big award was produced from the metal parts together with a blacksmith. The 4 smaller awards for the other finalists were made from the plastic parts of the old awards and the plastic wrappings.

On top of that we made a short movie of the design and construction of the award. The movie will be used to attract participants for next years award and will be shared on social media channels.

It was a great event. We heard many compliments about the design of the Circular Award Mark Beumer, Het groene brein


Nederland Circulair


Old awards and fish nets


Bart Bleijerveld & Thijs Biersteker - Better Future Factory

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