3D-printed furniture for the entrance of AVR

AVR was looking for something new to attract the attention of their visitors and educate them about the possibilities of recycling. As experts in plastics recycling we pushed our skills to go bigger and 3D-print a set of stools, a bar table and a reception desk from recycled PET bottles, which are placed in the entrance hall of the new AVR building at their Rotterdam location. The shapes of PET-bottles are integrated in the structure of the tables, which can be discovered through a glass plate.

On this project we collaborated with our friends from Van Plestik on the big scale 3d printing and with Planq who produced the seating for the stools from recycled jeans.

Please have a seat during your visit at AVR!




Detailed design and engineering, 3D-printed furniture from recycled PET bottles


Educate visitors on the application possibilities of recycled plastics


in use