turning local waste into weaving wires


Also known as WOOF & WOW and Polymore-wire is a local solution to plastic pollution with special attention to the social-economical context of marginalized communities . The project aims to eventually develop a replicable model for the upcycling of plastic waste into hand-woven products

Better Future Fatcory has created this simple tool that turns every PET bottle into a strong wire, ready to be used over and over again.

Rewire in Peru

Peru is currently undergoing fast-paced growth, which often does not come hand in hand with care for its rich environment. With growth also comes waste. Plastics are a predominant component of the Peruvian waste stream. Plastics remain in the environment forever, thereby threatening our environment and even posing risks for our health.
“Putting power to marginalized Peruvian women by providing recycling tools”
Little has been done in Peru to collect and recycle plastic waste, especially in impoverished urban settlements, where people live amidst their discarded plastics.


Peru, Angola, Sierre Leone.


Local recycling tool

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