We combine engineering and imagination to bring all sustainable ideas to reality.
Keeping in mind the circularity of the design, scalability of the projects and future profit models.

We are a team of sustainable entrepreneurs, engineers, storytellers,
architects, marketeers, business analysts, product designers and an occasional microbiologist.

ir. Laura C. Klauss Laura has been awarded Engineer of the year 2016 public vote. Her expertise in plastic recycling, product engineering and her relentless energy makes her our engineering engine.
ir. Casper van der Meer Casper imagines change on big scale by setting up new supply chains and partnerships while keeping a stylish engineering eye on everything that comes through the Better Future Factory's design department. Recycled 3d printing thought leader.
ir. Bart Bleijerveld Bart is our lead engineer in recycled plastics in developing countries, his strong organisational skills are the driving talent behind kickstarting our sustainable in house start-ups.
ir. Tim Tackenberg Tim’s relentless search for possibilities makes him one of our best researchers and system engineers. His skills in 3d CAD design have not only kickstarted his own jewellery brand but made him a leading recycled printing thought leader.
ir. Charlot Boonekamp Combining her master's degree in architecture and an open mind with deep knowledge of 3D and design thinking skills helps her build the frameworks for new social driven ventures around the globe, from Peru to Sierra Leone.
Thijs Biersteker His work on the edges of communication and innovation enabled him to work on the global accounts of Heineken, Coca-Cola and Nike winning prestigious Cannes lions Awards. He weaves together the storyline and the engineering into iconic projects.
Eddy Wullems Without Eddy our headquarters would be a mess. He's our practical guy who makes sure everything is clean, fixed and ordered.
Gemma Driesen Gemma loves seeing ideas become tangible, she is educated in sustainable design engineering and is ready to make an impact through design.
Doris van den Heuvel Doris thinks plastic is here to be used, not to be thrown away or lay in the back of a drawer. She is here to design quality products that stay in the loop. Her visualization and design skills make her a valuable part of the team.
Jori van der Kolk Jori's technical skills are of great use when designing products for a better future. He is a 3d printing master and knows how to go from concept to prototype.

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