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The world is at the verge of resource revolution and it’s time to make change. We see that companies and governments are trying to find their way in the circular economy. Moving away from the old linear way of doing business requires courage and a new way of thinking, waste becomes resource.

As creatives and engineers we have the responsibility to be the frontrunners in starting big circular system change. At Better Future Factory we combine our idealistic drive with a pragmatic approach, creating tangible solutions. We believe that combining innovative engineering with strong storytelling has the power to kickstart a cleaner and better future.

Make. Change.


At Better Future Factory we re-imagineer processes and products into iconic, sustainable and scalable solutions. Back in 2012 with the Perpetual Plastic Project we’ve created the world’s first mobile, interactive recycling machine for transforming plastic waste into 3d prints. We have been doing workshops and distributing copies of this machine around the world ever since. Inspiring and educating people about a new economy, a circular one. It became the backbone for our way of working.

Nowadays we help companies creating a sustainable iconic product which inspires internally and externally, often a stepping stone for bigger change.


The Perpetual Plastic machine and several client projects triggered our second startup, Refil. We upscaled the idea of making recycled filament to an industrial scale, creating the first high quality recycled 3d printing filament sold globally.

Upscaling means working together with great partners, everyone is doing what they’re best at. We work together with various partners for making the best fully recycled filament, which often exceeds the quality of virgin plastic filaments. It’s available around the world via resellers and our webshop, enabling makers to 3d print with a sustainable alternative and creating a product with a great story.


Product design & engineering

In our company everyone has a background in bringing ideas from paper to product, that’s why we call ourselves Imagineers. We work by a hands-on approach, doing extensive in-house prototyping and testing. We help clients with ideation, conceptualisation and detailing. Our skill set includes:

• Visualising and Sketching
• 3D CAD modelling
• Prototyping
• Product and user-testing
• Production drawings
• Setting up production

R&D of recycled materials and technologies

Adding value to waste is what we do. Our team of engineers and recycling experts are specialised in researching and developing new products and processes ready for the circular economy. Want to become smarter about reusing materials? This is what we can do for you:

• Replacing virgin material for recycled solutions
• Transforming linear into circular processes
• Developing new production processes
• Performing LCA
• Using our extensive global network in (plastic) recycling


We believe in actively involving all stakeholders in the innovation process. This can already be in the start of a project, during exploration and problem definition. We want to understand the customer, context and the complete challenge we’re up to.

Sustainable Startups

Next to the working with clients we initiate our own projects. Some of our high potential projects grow into a new startup. We currently have 3 in-house startups (Perpetual Plastic, Refil and New Marble) with customers all over the world. Setting up these new businesses trained us as entrepreneurs, this skill-set can help other sustainable startups and companies with:

• Social entrepreneurship
• Supply chain management
• Marketing
• Lean approach – just do it
• Rapid prototyping